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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Vorstellung eines Service-Meister Use Cases in dem USU und Atlas Copco zusammenarbeiten

Atlas Copco and USU Software: Better connected with AI in technical service

Since the beginning of the year, Service-Meister has been putting artificial intelligence (AI) into practice. This is embodied by the six speedboat projects with their use cases in the technical service. How are things progressing? In which areas are successes and hurdles emerging? In a new series of articles, we take a look into the engine room of the AI project.

AI meets Distributed Ledger: Building marketplaces, sharing data and breaking silos

Artificially intelligent (AI) decisions must be trustworthy for all parties involved. Not only to gain the desired acceptance and acceptability, but also to advance Europe as a location for AI, says Prof. Ali Sunyaev. In an interview, the professor of Computer Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) explains what makes AI trustworthy and reliable.

Why platforms need success stories

Service-Meister relies on open platforms and an AI-based ecosystem. Now a workshop for the development of the first data products has begun. we will be accompanying the experts as they exchange views in a two-part series. Part 1: Why platforms need success stories.

Service-Meister partner meet-up: Predictive maintenance for the toolbox

On 27 May, the Service-Meister Consortium met with its associated partners for the first time. The aim of the online event, which was attended by around 40 participants, was to present progress from the use cases and to involve more companies in the AI project.

AI in Medicine and Industrial Services – Sharing Data and Disseminating Knowledge

When knowledge about a disease spreads faster than the disease itself, doctors gain time. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role not only in the fight against the coronavirus, but also in industrial services. Two webinars present potentials.

Differential Privacy: a method that works

An article by Nils Klute, project manager for IoT at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. Maintaining machines and healing people – AI makes it possible. But what is often missing in this country is the database to train intelligent algorithms. Whether it be for industrial services or a cancer diagnosis, a certain mathematical…
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Das Konsortium Service-Meister zum Kickoff 2020

Kick-off Event for AI and SMEs: “Making Successes Visible Early On”

Kick-off event for Service-Meister: On 11 February 2020, the Consortium met in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for the kick-off of the Service-Meister project. The goal: to work together in an optimal way to quickly develop practical AI solutions for SMEs and industry. Trumpf has its own laser systems on the market for precise sheet metal…
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Interview With Andreas Weiss: “We Need to Get the Car on the Road”

Data plays a decisive role in the future value creation of products and services. Andreas Weiss, Head of Digital Business Models at the eco Association, Director of EuroCloud Deutschland_eco, and Head of the Service-Meister Consortium, is convinced of this. In an interview he explains the European perspective.