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Service-Meister Press Kit

KI Service - Industrie 4.0

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Press publications:

30.03.2022 | dotmagazine
How SMEs Succeed with AI & Standards – Not Only in Service

GIO White Paper: Industry-Specific Ecosystems

22.02.2022 | dotmagazine
Using Knowledge Graphs to Find Information in the Age of Big Data

22.02.2022 | dotmagazine
Rent Instead of Buy: Pay-Per-Part Models in Industrial Service

22.02.2022 | dotmagazine
Service-Meister is given its own section in dotmagazine

26.05.2021 | dotmagazine
Interfaces, Integration, and Interoperability for AI Tools

28.04.2021 | dotmagazine
Building Blocks for Technical Service 4.0

30.03.2021 | grandcentrix
Service-Meister – How grandcentrix brings Data Science, IoT and the handicraft together

17.03.2021 | dotmagazine
An AI-based Service Ecosystem for Industry 4.0

03.03.2021 | dotmagazine
Turning Customer Concerns into Supplier Interests: Using AI to Create a Service Ecosystem

03.02.2021 | dotmagazine
The Open Source Curriculum for Corporate Training on AI and Digitalization

02.02.2021 | Medium
preview of the Springer book “Monetization of Technical Data — Innovations from Industry and Research” by senseering, WZL of RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer FIT, which will be published by SpringerVieweg from the end of 2021.

05.08.2020 | dotmagazine
AI meets Distributed Ledger: Building Marketplaces, Sharing Data, and Breaking Silos

01.07.2020 | dotmagazine
Trusting in AI: Why Algorithms Have to Explain Themselves

19.02.2020 | dotmagazine
Humans and Machines: Harnessing the Benefits of AIOctober 2019 | dotmagazine

The Engine and Drivers of Digital Transformation

October 2019 | dotmagazine
The Engine and Drivers of Digital Transformation

April 2019 | dotmagazine
AI: Changing the Game for Good

April 2019 | dotmagazine
Using Artificial Intelligence to Create a Service Ecosystem for Technical Service in the Age of Industry 4.0

April 2019 | dotmagazine
Applying and Perfecting AI Applications for Industrial Use Cases