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AI services and data sets in the Gaia-X ecosystem offer – find – test …
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New opportunities for users and providers exist in the application of the Gaia-X concept. Decentralised federated catalogues in interaction with sovereign identities and use of the latest technology.

Catalogues must offer more than listings, descriptions, pricing models and contacts to suppliers.

This means not only testing possibilities for process suitability with suitable data but also compliance checks by means of verifiable proof of quality and the ability to control the use of data.


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  • Playing with AI in Industrial Service: Service-Meister’s Final Conference

    Playing with AI in Industrial Service: Service-Meister’s Final Conference

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining not only value creation in industrial services, but the very fabric of society. At the final conference of the Service-Meister project, SMEs, IT service providers, politicians and academics discussed the results of the AI project and their application.

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  • Final Conference of Service-Meister: AI Innovations for SMEs

    Final Conference of Service-Meister: AI Innovations for SMEs

    Daten teilen, nicht nur um Maschinen und Anlagen verfügbar zu halten, sondern neue Geschäftsmodelle zu realisieren – auf der Abschlusskonferenz von Service-Meister dreht sich am 22. und 23. Mai in Berlin alles um die Frage, wie Künstliche Intelligenz Wertschöpfung in Industrie-Service und Mittelstand neu definiert.

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  • Experience Makes Perfect: AI in Industrial Service

    Experience Makes Perfect: AI in Industrial Service

    By Nils Klute, IT Editor and Project Manager Communication Cloud Services at EuroCloud Deutschland Anyone working with artificial intelligence (AI) must be aware of its capabilities, properties and limitations. Why do machine decisions need human experience? And how Service-Meister is now training technicians from SMEs on AI. Computers were supposed…

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The goals of the Service-Meister project

To secure an advantage in the Service sector

The concept

Industrial usage of artificial intelligence for SMEs


Current workshops, expert meetings, and transfer events


The market is changing:
Industrial value creation is becoming a service model

In the German industry, there is a fundamental change in how value is created; from products to services. There is a demand for innovative business models which require German SMEs to use and market their internal company-specific “service knowledge”…

The task: 
To market “service knowledge” for industrial plants

The “service knowledge” required for industrial plants exceeds the knowledge of individual service technicians and also of companies. This, combined with the shortage of skilled workers, means that German small and medium-sized companies will face the enormous challenge of securing their leading edge in the Service sector in the coming years.

Goal 1 

Service-Meister is to develop an AI-based, cross-plant, cross-department, and cross-company service platform for German SMEs.

Goal 2 

Less-qualified staff are to be enabled to offer complex services with the help of digital guides, such as AI-based ServiceBots and Smart Services.

Goal 3 

Digital service knowledge will enable cross-company scalability of service on a single platform.

Goal 4 

A service ecosystem will evolve from the cross-company scaling which will combat the skills shortage in Germany and will keep German SMEs competitive in the long-term.

Workshops for your business…

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1) We find solutions for you!
2) We develop integration standards for SMEs. 
3) We develop meaningful networking and demarcation mechanisms. 
4) We develop a comprehensive platform
for an effective market development of German companies. 
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