A catalogue based on 
Gaia-X principles – why?

Modern catalogues have to offer more than listings, description, pricing models and contacts to suppliers.

This means not only testing possibilities for process suitability with suitable data, but also compliance checks by means of verifiable proof of quality and the ability to control the use of data.

The focus here is on AI applications that can support individual processes and challenges.

Once you have found the right services for your own planned procedures, the only thing standing in your way is finding the right data.

How can the functional requirements now be translated into concrete processes? This is what our demo shows! Take the opportunity now to familiarise yourself with the possibilities of Gaia-X.

The federated catalogue

Describe your AI and data services as a provider. Complete examples already exist. Test as a user with offered services and data sets.

Start with everything that belongs to a federation and the use of a catalogue. Here you get step-by-step instructions.

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As a provider, you can describe AI services and data sets automatically or in dialogue, integrate quality statements and store terms of use in the catalogue.

As a user, you can find suitable services and data sets according to your own selection criteria and can agree on their use with providers.

Authorised access and security measures are needed to use data and applications: A digital badge, permits, rules and more. This information is recorded, verified and notarised during onboarding. The greatest possible transparency with regard to the actors involved is ensured by means of unique, sovereign identities.

Exchanging data in 
value-added networks

Via the catalogue demo, you can explore how the Gaia-X concept can support data exchange in your value networks.

Talk to us! Members of eco and Service-Meister receive individual advice.

Not only the integrability into one’s own IT landscape, but also into existing or new value creation networks (in Gaia-X as a federation) is of high importance for business applications in cooperation with partners, suppliers, customers and many other participants in such digital ecosystems.

Not sure what Gaia-X, Gaia-X Federation Services and the concept of a decentralized ecosystem are all about? Then pay a visit to the GXFS-DE website and inform yourself by means of helpful and explanatory videos.