Daten teilen, nicht nur um Maschinen und Anlagen verfügbar zu halten, sondern neue Geschäftsmodelle zu realisieren – auf der Abschlusskonferenz von Service-Meister dreht sich am 22. und 23. Mai in Berlin alles um die Frage, wie Künstliche Intelligenz Wertschöpfung in Industrie-Service und Mittelstand neu definiert.

By Nils Klute, IT Editor and Project Manager Communication Cloud Services at EuroCloud Deutschland Anyone working with artificial intelligence (AI) must be aware of its capabilities, properties and limitations. Why do machine decisions need human experience? And how Service-Meister is now training technicians from SMEs on AI. Computers were supposed…Read More

Digitally connected offices and construction sites to speed up processes, save costs and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities: What is the state of Germany’s skilled crafts sector and digitalisation? What the skilled crafts can learn from industrial services. And what email, cloud computing and electric windows have in common.

Is artificial intelligence (AI) compulsory or just an option in competition? How strategically relevant is the technology, and to what extent is it still a thing of the future? These are questions SMEs are asking themselves, according to Deloitte’s study. Answers are now being provided by the AI project Service-Meister.