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SMEs in the Services Business: Participate and Profit in the Long Term

Implementing service-based business models and monetising machine data – for many companies, this is still a pipe dream. Stephan Boch from KEB Automation explained how SMEs can get started via Service-Meister at the expert forum of the service association KVD.

Creative visual of business big data and finance analysis on computer

GIO white paper on B2B ecosystems: Standardised, interoperable and profitable

Promoting innovation and exploiting business opportunities – wherever companies engage in platform-based ecosystems, all market participants benefit. A new white paper from the Global Industry Organizations (GIO) also shows the success factors using the example of Service-Meister.

Artificial intelligence concept.

Deloitte Study: AI Gives SMEs Competitive Advantages

Is artificial intelligence (AI) compulsory or just an option in competition? How strategically relevant is the technology, and to what extent is it still a thing of the future? These are questions SMEs are asking themselves, according to Deloitte’s study. Answers are now being provided by the AI project Service-Meister.

Service mit KI und IoT

Service with AI and IoT: Improve products, optimize production facilities

The majority of all company leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will change the business world. Only a minority, however, expect that impact on their own company. Why aspirations and reality continue to diverge in the SME sector. And what’s can be done with AI and machine data beyond maintenance.

Vorstellung eines Service-Meister Use Cases in dem USU und Atlas Copco zusammenarbeiten

Atlas Copco and USU Software: Better connected with AI in technical service

Since the beginning of the year, Service-Meister has been putting artificial intelligence (AI) into practice. This is embodied by the six speedboat projects with their use cases in the technical service. How are things progressing? In which areas are successes and hurdles emerging? In a new series of articles, we take a look into the engine room of the AI project.

Artificial intelligence and the Law: What AI users in SMEs should know

Although more and more industries are processing data with artificial intelligence (AI), there is no dedicated AI law. “As long as there are no AI regulations, the requirements can only be derived from the applicable laws,” said Dr. Lutz M. Keppeler, specialist lawyer for IT law, recently in a Serivce-Meister webinar.

The eco Service-Meister Interview: AI to combat a skilled worker shortage

Skilled workers are rare. SMEs should consistently rely on digitalization and artificial intelligence to be able to perform maintenance reliably tasks in the future, says Dr. Fred Jopp, Head of Industrial Project Management at USU Software AG, which is an eco member. Dr. Jopp’s position means that he is closely involved with the corporate problems involved in implementing use cases.

Thomas Gebhardt HWK

“We bring AI innovations to the Skilled Crafts”

Thomas Gebhardt is an innovation consultant with a focus on digital transformation at the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Skilled Crafts. It supports craft enterprises and skilled tradespeople in transferring innovations from research and teaching into the skilled crafts – including the research project Service-Meister. In an interview he talks about how artificial intelligence (AI) could soon support craft enterprises.

AI meets Distributed Ledger: Building marketplaces, sharing data and breaking silos

Artificially intelligent (AI) decisions must be trustworthy for all parties involved. Not only to gain the desired acceptance and acceptability, but also to advance Europe as a location for AI, says Prof. Ali Sunyaev. In an interview, the professor of Computer Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) explains what makes AI trustworthy and reliable.